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Company Profile

Motus Technology is committed to developing, producing, selling, and after-sales service of  simulator, Six-DOF parallel robot, and electric servo control system; it is a high-tech enterprise in East Lake. We have "Utility Model Patent Certificate," "3551 Optics Valley Talent Program Honor Certificate", "Computer Software Publication Certificate, "Gazelle Enterprise Certificate”. As a high-tech enterprise, it has received critical attention from provincial and municipal leaders and won the gold medal of Hubei Entrepreneurship Competition for many times

Our company has a group of excellent technicians and managers who master modern high-tech theory and technology, among which 50% are master, 10% are Ph. D. and 10% have the title of professor, with complete theoretical foundation and engineering practice experience in automatic control technology, simulation technology, computer communication technology, mechanical design technology, etc.

Motus Technology (Wuhan) Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in designing, producing, and servicing electric motion simulation platforms, servo control systems, and Six-DOF parallel robot. These products have been widely used in engineering simulation, design evaluation, testing, experimentation, mission training, training evaluation, Environment simulation, event reproduction, etc. by defense industry sectors such as weapons, ships, aerospace, aviation, electronics, etc. and civil industry sectors such as civil aviation, petroleum, railroad, earthquake, transportation, etc.

Motus has a many entertainment equipment orders from many domestic industry leaders. and establish a long-term strategic partnership. With more cooperations,Motus reserched more newly interactive entertainment equipments,we become the best choice.

Our racing simulator is a focus in professional Expo,from commercial circles to family users,Motus gained worldwide recognitions.Motus will develop cost-effective commercial equipment and a simple version of home equipment to complement the product line, relying on industry Expo and business associations, the commercial equipments and civilian equipment will be famous and strive to achieve the business district Motus, Motus into the home.

  • 10+
    Chinese private intelligent
    equipment manufacturer
  • 30+
    Products are popular in
    many countries around the world
  • 100+
    Own a number of EU international and domestic patents
  • 500+
    Intelligent equipment supplier recommended by many famous customers
Development history
  • 1970
    Prof. Gao Shilun, Ph.D. Tutor, School of Energy and Power Engineering, Huazhong University of Science and Technology.
  • 1990
    Prof. Li Weijia, Ph.D. Tutor, Vice President of Computer Simulation Branch, School of Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering, Huazhong University of Science and Technology.
  • Before
    Our company was formerly known as Ship Simulation Center of Huazhong University of Science and Technology.
  • 2011
    In March, Wuhan Motus Technology Co. Ltd. was formally established.
  • 2013
    Our company got the certificate of ISO9001 quality management system certification.
  • 2014
    our company was awarded the "Qingtong Plan" for the technological innovation project of Wuhan students. Received 10 million RMB in venture capital funding from Wuhan Donghu Baixing Venture Capital Center.
  • 2015
    Hubei Provincial Science and Technology Support Program; "3551 Optics Valley Talent Program".
  • 2016
    Champion of Hubei University Student Entrepreneurship Competition
  • 2017
    German Federal Ministry of Economics and Labor - "German Business Partner." Served as the vice-chairman unit of Optics Valley VR Alliance, Hubei Intelligent Manufacturing Alliance.
  • 2018
    "Internet+" Entrepreneurship Competition, Gold Award in Hubei Province, Silver Award in China Completed Series A financing, the amount of financing 20 million yuan.
  • 2019
    First place in Alibaba Battle of the Gods Wuhan & Berlin; the most promising prize in the global competition.
  • 2020
    Selected as one of Wuhan's "Thousands of Enterprises and Ten Thousand People" program and Wuhan Yellow Crane Star.
  • 2021
    Global R&D center is established, marking Motus Technology as the industry's first-class product development capabilityVice President of Wuhan High-Tech Enterprise Association..
  • 2022
    Won the honor of Optical Valley Gazelle Enterprise; Top 50 new and cutting-edge AI enterprises in Wuhan; The first batch of innovative SMEs in Hubei Province
Honors and Qualifications--Our company has won many national honors and has more than 200 invention patents and software copyrights
marketing network

Wide service network radiation

Motus Technology has branches and offices in many first-tier cities as Beijing - Shanghai - Shenzhen - Nanjing - Chengdu - Xi'an, etc.

7x24 hours intimate service

Our comprehensive R&D, supply chain manufacturing, marketing, and service support team is available 7x24 hours to serve you.

Products are popular around the world

Our products are sold well in many countries worldwide, such as Israel, Morocco, Germany, USA, Brazil, Chile, Singapore, Thailand, etc.



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